Sustainability Through Longevity

Today was a special day the first day this year in my part of the world when the sun came out and warmed the body. The first day this year that I left my Rohan waterproof jacket at home. That’s significant. I am sure you know that feeling can you really last the day without your waterproof jacket. In celebration of the day I walked for 8 hours amongst the unique limestone pavements of A landscape like no other. Maybe it was that special walk that started me thinking again about preserving areas such as these so we can all enjoy such days.

I was dressed for the day in some interesting pieces from my Rohan collection and I found myself pondering on the issues round sustainability and longevity in outdoor and travel clothing as well as those special areas that offer us such joy.

I paused for lunch on the rocks over looking the Atlantic Ocean with the Aran Islands in the far distance. Looking down I realised I was wearing my oldest Rohan garment, a 28 year old Savannah jacket closely followed by a pair of Rohan Bags of similar vintage. Recently I called into the Rohan Shop at Long Present and purchased a new pair of Rohan Bags almost identical to the pair I was wearing. My next purchase will be a new Rohan Pampas Jacket. It struck me sitting on my warm rock that the very fact that I am still using my Rohan Bags and Savannah Jacket regularly is a fantastic example of  sustainability through longevity. I pondered on the fact that sustainability was built into the Rohan clothing range from the very start in 1975. Failure was not an option when customers where depend ant on the garments for their very survival. A great example of this is the classic Rohan Bags. Designed originally to accommodate the early brave group of climbers that collectively became know as Alpinists. Garment weight, windproof, quick drying, loads of safe storage and longevity was the design brief for Bags. A further thought struck my Rohan Bags and Pampas Jacket can be washed at low temperature and are quick drying which in today’s world is a useful contribution to sustainability.

As I walked home with the sun setting over Galway Bay I felt happy that without effort these garments have served their time so well. The fact that sustainability through longevity is an integral part of the design process of the Rohan range raised a smile or was it that fantastic sunset – you know what they say about the sun going down over Galway Bay.

Sarah Howcroft

Source by Sarah Howcroft