July Book Review

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

By Yuval Noah Harari.

I believe it is important for a man to know his place in space and time, which is why I’m big fan of human history because it gives the modern man perspective, and forces him to see the bigger picture.

“Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind,” is such a book. It starts with our humble beginnings as one of several human species on the African savannah and extends all the way to the modern human world and beyond. It astounds me how many people on the street don’t realise we were one of several human species, and the fact that we are the sole survivor of the human species is a testament to the strength and versatility that the human race contains.

The book is split into four sections. Cognitive Revolution, The Agriculture Revolution, the Unification of Humankind, & The Scientific Revolution.

The Cognitive Revolution is the most profound section of the entire book for me. The general premise of the chapter is that somewhere during the human story, a group of the human species called “sapiens,” developed the ability to believe in fictional narratives. Before this time, groups of humans could only arrange themselves in a limited group that resembled a hierarchy, and could only be conceptualized in the mind as a maximum of 150 people. In order to increase the size that human beings could cooperate in, they had to create fictional narratives.

Australia for example, is a fictional narrative. 23 million individuals believe in a fictional narrative called Australia. Australia doesn’t exist in the world as an objective object, it can’t be perceived, collected and studied, but if humans couldn’t believe that they belong to a grand fictional narrative, then they could not collaborate in large numbers. The ability to believe in large collective narratives that can bind people together in a common fictional label is what distinguished us from all the other human species. This allowed us to create huge tribes that eventually wiped out the other human species through sheer weight of numbers in combat and contribution.

Social conditioning is often blamed in the dating world for men being so weak these days, and it’s seen as an evil to be overcome. But without the ability to be socially conditioned, the human race would not be where it is today. The ability to believe we are a common entity with a shared past and shared future is what has led us to be the most powerful animal on the planet.

So why is this important to getting laid?

To be a modern man you must be educated, you must constantly be updating your mental software with the latest in knowledge. To be a man of power is to be an educated man, and the more we realise we are just a little pebble on the beach in the tapestry of the human story, the less we will search for that self-importance that holds us back in life. We are men, we are human, and we are here for a limited time, and if it wasn’t for a few lucky breaks in history, we may not have been here at all.

Love life, and feel gratitude that you are alive right now as a human being.

And I love this book. It really opened my eyes. After reading it, I walked around the city just looking at the human world around me in a new and profound way. We are so lucky to be where we are, and we have to realise that the current place has to be sustained through concentrated effort. 5 other human species have died out, and we are no different. Find a purpose in life, and pursue it with everything you got, because tomorrow is not a guarantee.

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Source by Saxon Thomas