Important Information You Need to Know When Hiring Self Drive Safari Services

Millions of tourists visit Africa annually to enjoy the wide open spaces, beautiful parks and to get a glimpse of the “big 5” animals, namely the elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino. Besides these however, there are several other species of animals and birds that are found in the African savannah. There is so much wildlife to see in Africa from the Serengeti in Tanzania down to the Kruger National Park of South Africa. Self- drive safaris do offer an economical, independent and flexible solution that is becoming increasingly popular. Self-drive does come with some challenges in being self – sufficient and handling border crossings and other potential problems but with a certain degree of open mindedness, politeness and direction problems are few and far between.

Taking a self-drive safari

If you are adventurous with some 4×4 and travel experience, then taking a self drive safari is a great way of seeing wildlife in Africa, especially in countries like South Africa and Namibia. Self drive safaris allow you the flexibility and freedom to explore and experience the rugged beauty of nature at your own relaxed pace and in a vehicle of your own. You could either do the safari on your own or you could hire a guide who has complete knowledge of the area to assist you with navigation and/or act as a backup driver if necessary. Although not essential for most areas, prior knowledge of off-road driving is important and it would be advisable to be fully briefed in doing this type of safari. Many safari operators offer 4×4 rental services along with all the equipment that is required to undertake this type of safari. These vehicles are 4×4 campers, 4×4 Land Rover Defenders, 4WD LandCruiser or Toyota Hilux 4×4. They are completely fitted out with all the equipment that is required for a safari including kitchen equipment, fridge/freezers, water tank and more, so you can camp out of your vehicle and soak in the beauty of your surroundings for quite a while. While on a self-drive safari it is important to strictly follow wildlife and park ethics.

Hiring a 4×4 vehicle in South Africa

South Africa has much to offer in the form of wildlife and nature. Most of the best game reserves and nature attractions are located in this region. Since access to many of these areas is only via rugged dirt tracks and roads, using a 4×4 vehicle is recommended and probably the most suitable mode of transport that one can use. For 4×4 hire in South Africa, one should contact a reliable 4×4 rental company.

Fully kitted 4×4 self-drive safari vehicles

If you are planning a self-drive safari in South Africa, starting your tour from Johannesburg is a good option with good flight options and the correct infrastructure. 4wd rental in Johannesburg can easily be arranged. There are several rental companies where you can hire a 4×4 vehicle that is fully kitted out for a self-drive safari.

Source by Isabella Sarapova